Upcoming Events at the Nau Center for the Study of the American Civil War (UVA)

March and April are a busy time of year for the John L. Nau III Center for the Study of the American Civil War. Here are some of the following events that members of Society of Civil War Historians may be interested in:


March 15: the Nau Center will be hosting a discussion with Dr. Gary W. Gallagher entitled, “Abraham Lincoln’s Troubled First Year: Juggling War and Politics, March 1861-March 1862.”


March 17: the Nau Center will be sponsoring a panel titled “The Civil War, Experienced” at the 2016 Virginia Festival of the Book. The panel will feature the latest work of historians James Robertson, Brent Tarter, and William Kurtz.


April 1: the Nau Center will be hosting its first signature conference. This year’s conference, “War as Muse: Revisiting Iconic Texts of the Civil War,” will interweave military and literary history, using notable writers and their works to explore the profound ways in which the Civil War not only changed the lives of its combatants and chroniclers, but also fundamentally transformed American letters. Presenters include Gary Gallagher, Elizabeth Varon, Sarah Gardner, Stephen Cushman, Cynthia L. Nicoletti, and Brenda Stevenson.



Please visit our website’s Upcoming Events page (http://naucenter.as.virginia.edu/upcoming-events) for more details. You can also follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NauCivilWar/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/NauCivilWar) for the latest Nau Center news, publications, and events!