SCWH member Allan Branstiter wins 2016 AHA Today Blog Contest

The American Historical Association (AHA) is pleased to announce Allan Branstiter as one of the the winners of our 2016 AHA Today Blog Contest. Over the course of the summer, he will be writing for AHA Today about the archival research process and historical documents relevant to his dissertation.

Allan Branstiter is a history PhD student at the University of Southern Mississippi. His dissertation examines resistance to Reconstruction’s racial reforms through the lenses of postcolonial and settler colonial theory. Allan’s blog series will be centered on his discovery of the records of a sexual misconduct investigation at the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum in 1871 and the impact these records have had on his research.

The AHA Today Blog Contest is designed to highlight the voices of graduate students and to emphasize the importance of communicating the work of historians, broadly defined, to a variety of audiences and in a variety of media. Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing posts introducing each blogger along with a description of their research and the issues they will be exploring this summer.

The original contest announcement

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