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Are you a SCWH member attending another conference, such as the Southern, the AHA, or the OAH? If so, check this page for information about gatherings, receptions, and panels of interest to Civil War scholars.

The Southern Historical Society

November 9–12, 2017, Dallas, Texas


Friday, November 10: 5:30–8:00 PM Chaparral: 

26) Society of Civil War Historians Banquet: Tom Watson Brown Book Award Dinner and Talk

Presiding: Daniel Sutherland, Distinguished Professor, University of Arkansas

Southern Cross, North Star: Why the Middle Mattered—and Matters—to Civil War HistoryChristopher Phillips, University of Cincinnati

Please note: Open to SCWH membership only, limited seating. Members must make certain that their memberships are paid and current as of August 1, 2017, in order to receive an invitation to the Society’s annual Tom Watson Brown Book Award dinner.  Invitations will be mailed out by September 1 with an RSVP date of October 1. Questions regarding the dinner should be directed to ude.u1516517345sp@re1516517345tneCs1516517345drahc1516517345iR1516517345.


Mock Interviews to be held at the Southern Historical Association Conference

Past SCWH presidents Caroline Janney (Purdue University) and James Marten (Marquette University) will hold mock interviews at the Southern Historical Association conference in Dallas for members of the Society of Civil War Historians who are on the academic job market in 2017-2018.

The AHA-style practice interviews will be held on Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11, from 10-11:30 at the conference hotel. If necessary, we will hold interviews late Saturday afternoon. We have a limited number of time slots available, and will fill them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Those interested in being interviewed should send a CV and the times they will NOT be available during those times to *protected email*.  The deadline to sign up for an interview is October 15, 2017. ​​


The SCWH is hosting a Happy Hour at the SHA in Dallas for historians in the early stages of their careers. The event is sponsored by  the University of North Carolina Press, with support from University of Arkansas Press and University of Georgia Press. More detailed information is included on the flier below. Questions should be directed to Megan L. Bever, Assistant Professor of History, Missouri Southern State University.

SHA Hapy Hour


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